Q. I’m a new Landlord currently trying to agree a let on my property, the Agent has suggested that I should take out some kind of a rental Warranty to protect me in the event of non rent payment and the tenant refusing to vacate. Do you think this is necessary?

A. Protecting your rental investment with a rental warranty that covers you for legal expenses and rental compensation is definitely a good idea and I would highly recommend this. As any experienced landlord will tell you, even if a tenant has good references, things can occasionally go wrong. Should the worst happen a rental warranty would provide peace of mind by covering your legal expenses and regaining possession of the property?

If your tenant should happen to suffer redundancy, divorce, separation or ill-health, it may no longer be possible to comply with the terms of the Tenancy Agreement:

  • The tenant may be unable or unwilling to pay the rent
  • The tenant may not move out at the end of the tenancy
  • There may be delays in regaining possession of your property
  • Disputes between yourself and the tenant may arise
  • It can take up to three months or more to regain possession of your property, during which time the tenant may not be paying any rent. But with the security of a warranty you can ensure the costs are covered. Most warranties cover for up to 5 month’s loss of rent as well as legal cover including court costs to obtain vacant possession following non-payment of rent.