Q.  Help! I have two offers on my property and I have no idea what to do. The first offer is from an acquaintance that I have known for some time already lives on the development and I know is super keen but for them to buy mine they must sell their smaller property. The second offer is from unencumbered buyer that is ready to go. Given I have already lost one buyer when I was literally about to exchange contracts I can’t afford to lose another buyer. I feel so confused. My head is telling me to run with the chain free buyer and my heart is pulling me towards my acquaintance. What shall I do?

A.  That’s certainly a tough one particularly given you have already had the misfortune of losing a buyer at the final hour. Its glaringly obvious that any seller would normally opt for the chain free buyer. However, given you are already feeling sensitive over your previous experience some comfort can be taken from an acquaintance already living on the development, as they already appear to have some emotional attachment to the place and clearly no question that they won’t follow through with the purchase. However, and it’s a big however, they do have something to sell! Having something to sell definitely puts them on back foot given you have no idea how long it’s going to take them to secure a buyer and once they do you are then in a chain that means your sale is reliant on their buyer following through so you will be at the mercy of others. It’s a tough call for anyone in this position. I think the only decision that needs to be made is who do you feel most comfortable proceeding with, you can’t fight with your gut feeling. If you take comfort in the emotionally connected buyer even though it could potentially throw up some complications further down the line then run with your heart as you can never be disappointed if you do that. Estate agents will always advise you to proceed with the most sensible risk free option but ultimately we can only offer advice, it is you the seller that holds all the cards.