Home Front logoA regular complaint by my client Landlords is that their new tenant that has just moved in is way too demanding. This complaint is generally more specific to new Landlords given they are not used to the behavioural pattern that a new tenant generally seems to have when they first move in to their new home. Many landlords feel that endless demands during the first few weeks can be a strong indicator that they are going to be behaving that way throughout the tenancy. Given my longevity within the industry I would beg to differ and yes I am certainly not suggesting that some tenants cannot be demanding right off the bat and continue to be so throughout the duration of the tenancy. However I do believe that just as anyone would that moves into a new home there is a certain ‘nesting’ period where the tenants are trying to make sure their new home functions and operates in the manor they need it to, to be happy and comfortable throughout their tenancy. To Landlords I understand this can be somewhat irritating but personally I think as long as you reasonable and agree to those issues that are non-negotiable on their part then it will serve you well for the rest of the tenancy. And perhaps secure a renewal for the following years to come. Tenants are always super nervous of their Landlords when they first move in with their expectations already being low so if you are deemed to be responsive when a reasonable request is made then their opinion of you will become more relaxed and they will calm down. I usually find that once the first four weeks of the tenancy have passed and their needs have been attended to the tenant relaxes into the tenancy and the emails and phone calls subside. This is why initially when you feel irritated by the amount of requests its best to take it on the chin because it will naturally tail off once they are settled. The relationship between a Landlord and their tenant can be a good or a bad one depending on how you both choose to respond to each other, just as in any relationship it needs to be worked out, you have expectations of your tenant that he pays the rent on time and treats your property respectfully but in turn your tenant also requires that you attend to any issues that may need fixing and that your response time is reasonable depending on their request.