I’ve had lots of would be purchasers recently asking me if it’s a good time to buy in the wharf at the moment, and my reply is simple, yes it absolutely is! Lots of factors have contributed to the market we now find ourselves in, a buyers’ market. Pre Brexit, the market was actually doing very well and the sellers undeniably had the upper hand. However since last Junes turn of events things, have definitely switched to favour the buyers. Property prices have tumbled a little since last year and the number of instructions on the market seemed to increase at a hefty rate as many remained unsold as buyers cooled off, simply losing their confidence in the market. Now though with Article 50 triggered and most coming to terms with the turn of events and accepting there is no going back confidence has slowly began to creep back. Prices are static and I believe will remain so for the best part of 2017. That together with excellent mortgage opportunities and the Bank of England continuing in its quest to hold down the interest rates provides a very nice opportunity for you first time buyers out there. The wharf particularly is an exciting place to invest in or buy a home given Crossrail is now imminent, opening at the end of 2018 providing superb links and transportation through and around the capital. Buyers often ask me what a property they are viewing sold for say ten years previously and with prices generally doubling every decade they usually respond saying it was so much easier back then but please don’t fool yourself. It’s all relative, back then the buyers were in the same position as you are today, procrastinating and waiting around for the ‘right time’ to buy never got anyone anywhere. My message is loud and clear, if you have the deposit and are able to secure a mortgage and your intentions are clear that you want to jump on the ladder then just do it, the time is right and will actually always be right as long as you are in it for the long haul, what are you waiting for?