If you are looking for inspiration and want to make a statement in your home then look no further than one of these fabulous murals from DigitexHOME. With their vast collection of murals ranging from an eclectic mix of graffiti to Comic Pop themes for maximum impact to inspiring back drops of New York City or London there’s something to suit everyone. Here are just a few of my personal favourites..

Joplin Mural

 New pattern from the woodstock collection featuring bold patterns inspired by the 1960’s-70’s era. www.DigetexHome.co.uk

Nyc Memorial Wallpaper Mural

All NEW YORK CITY wallpaper murals available:-
MINI- £79 125CM WIDE X 227CM HIGH STD – £99 375CM X 227CM HIGH XL – £199 500CM X 300CM HIGH £199 All designs are also available as cushions, rollerblinds, wall art and fabrics www.DigetexHome.co.uk