Home Front logoWhat a great first six months of 2015 it’s been so far and if the facts and figures are to be believed looking ahead to the rest of the year it seems we have more of the same to come. With the uncertainty of the election now firmly behind us it seems its full steam ahead for a prosperous second half of the year. Unemployment continues to fall, salaries are increasing and with more low cost mortgage products available than ever before there has been a noticeable increase in lending with mortgage lending  according to the Bank of England being the highest in over six years. Re-mortgaging is also prevalent both with owner occupiers as well as Buy to Let investors taking advantage of the low rates and choosing to switch products to a lower rate on existing properties and then releasing equity to serve as a deposit for further investments. The activity reminds me of the days preceding 2007 except its different now. Lenders are cautious and funds will only be approved if the lender is 100% satisfied that the mortgage is affordable for the buyer, with most cases being referred to the underwriters for quite some time before being agreed. New Development is fiercely raging throughout the Wharf with new residential buildings on virtually every street corner. I witnessed a queue last week outside the marketing suite as Galliard launched the final units in Maine Tower a 41 storey residential building offering 297 private apartments – again something I have not seen in years. There had been warnings that we may see a rise in interest rates this year but it looks unlikely this will happen anytime soon. Market conditions are looking very good and just perfect for house price inflation to remain strong with increase expected in the coming months. Experts have forecast that this second half of 2015 will see yet another boom within the housing market as we head into 2016. So if you have been procrastinating about moving out of the rental market and over to the homeowner side of the fence then wait no longer, the market conditions are pretty perfect right now so go take advantage of those great mortgage deals out there. And if you’re thinking of selling as long as you have owned for five years plus you would be set to make a hefty profit.