Home Front logoQ.  Is mildew around the window areas of my apartment really my fault? My agent on a recent routine visit flagged this up but surely it’s a building issue? I don’t think I am doing anything to cause this but I’m concerned as it’s getting worse and I don’t want to lose my deposit when it comes to vacating, can you advise?

A.  I have had an increasing number of tenants checking out from their rental apartments of late complaining that the Mildew issues they leave behind and flagged up on their checkout reports are not their fault. I am afraid this is not the case, condensation and mould growth is absolutely, a preventable type of dampness, at some time everyone’s home gets condensation — usually when a lot of moisture and steam is being produced. The average family can produce about 15 litres of moisture per day just through their normal day to-day activities? This can occur when you are cooking or bathing or if air is not able to circulate freely. When this damp air comes into contact with a cold surface such as walls, ceilings, mirrors or window pane it condenses back to water. Too much condensation in your home encourages mould and mildew growth and unsightly black stains to develop on your walls and in corners. The presence of condensation and mould growth in your home does not mean that there is anything wrong with the building. Simple things that you can do to prevent and help reduce condensation are, cover pots and pans when cooking, dry clothing outdoors, If you use a tumble dryer  ensure it is vented to the outside or consider a self-condensing model, if you do have to dry clothes indoors ensure it’s in a well ventilated room such as the bathroom with the fan running to remove the moisture, and the last and most simple of them all is be sure to open your windows to ensure adequate ventilation. In winter it’s easy to stop doing this as it’s so cold but it’s so important to let that steamy shower condensation escape before you lock up your home for the day. Fully ventilating your home both morning and evening should be enough to prevent this issue ever occurring in the first place.