Home Front logoQ. I have just put my house on the market for sale and having never done this before I suggested to the agent that I carry out all the viewings, the agent didn’t seem keen but I thought I would get your viewpoint on this. Honestly as the homeowner I think it would be most useful for me to be around would you agree?

A. I am afraid I have to agree with your agent on this one. Although I can definitely see your point in as much as you know the property better than anyone, in my opinion I would always leave selling your home to the professionals. There are many reasons for this but here are the main ones

1. The buyer will feel way more at ease to take a proper look at the property if he doesn’t feel like his every move is being watched by the seller. Buyers often feel intimidated if a seller is at home and the viewing time is often reduced to less than half the time they would usually spend looking around – not great when you’re trying to secure a sale.

2. Getting into conversation with a buyer before an offer is even on the table is unwise as it could jeopardise your agent securing the best price. You may unassumingly share information about your position as a seller or where you are going next which may lead to tactical offers being submitted.

3. Buyers quickly pick up vibes from a desperate seller – and again will use that information when making an offer.

4. You may find you agree to things like leaving furniture or appliances that perhaps you wouldn’t if you were given the time to think things over carefully, being put on the spot is never a good idea.

Overall we are the experts and know just what to do and say to secure a sale on your behalf and at the best possible price, after all that’s what you are paying us for. Having said that do share as much information about the property as you can with the agent before marketing commences in order that we can answer any questions that the buyer may pose, and any other relative information is always warmly welcomed too. Remember you too were a buyer at some stage and I’m sure you felt much happier opening cupboard doors when checking for storage without the seller around. If you really want to help out, pop some fresh coffee on prior to the viewings to create that famous house selling aroma.