Q. What benefit if any, is there to using a letting agent to rent my property versus me advertising and finding my own tenant?

A. Letting agents are experienced professionals thus bringing a number of benefits to their Landlords. The list is endless but primarily you will find that they will include up to date advice on legislation – you can be secure in the knowledge that the most up to date tenancy agreement is being used as well as the tenant’s security deposit being held in accordance with the latest legislation. Your agent will ensure that he secures the right rental price for your property as well as marketing the property effectively in order to find you a suitable tenant. And lastly, from the tenants prospective they will feel more secure dealing with an agent, rather than an individual and of course the agent will be able to fully reference the tenant thus again giving you peace of mind that your tenant is able to afford the rent. Property management is also strongly recommended if time is precious as this service includes regular property inspections to ensure the property is not being mistreated, the agent will also have a team of maintenance contractors at the other end of the phone to ensure any problems are dealt with both promptly and efficiently.