Buy now . . . the time is right! 

This time last year the property market in Canary Wharf virtually ground to a halt over night. One minute there was speculation that we might be heading for a down turn in the market following the glorious days of 2007 when we all become rather complacent that we could sell anything for any price, next and before most of us had time to blink let alone consider the impact that might have, it was there staring us all in the face! The last year has been a struggle for everyone across the board but seeing your property slide down over night by as much as 20 -25% in some cases has been a bitter pill to swallow. Some would argue that the market had become incredibly overheated and something had to give – true but not much comfort to those that had bought at the ‘top’ of the market and now find themselves in negative equity or in extreme cases being repossessed. Yes it has been a very tough year indeed for most, finally though it looks like we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Having sold very little property at all over the last 12 months most agents are now reporting a flurry of activity with buyers out in force now convinced that we have finally reached the bottom of the market. Lending too has caused huge problems but certainly there seems to be financing available for the many first time buyers that are literally swarming around keenly priced property like bees round a honey pot. Sellers that are upgrading are doing well in this market too as although they’re not achieving the wonderful prices on their property they once dreamed of – they are picking up a bargain at the other end much to their delight. The message is loud and clear – Buy now . . . .  the time is right!