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Part 3.

Maximising kitchen space

In the third and final part of our series looking at maximising storage we turn our attention to kitchens. Here are some invaluable tips that I’d like to share with you for making the most of the space in your small kitchen, no matter how tiny it may be. Always Install full height cabinets; don’t waste that precocious space between the cabinet and the ceiling. Remove pendant lighting as recessed lighting will make the ceiling seem higher. Good use of under-unit lighting makes it possible to use dark work surfaces without giving them a closed-in look and feel. Light-coloured walls and cabinets open up a space. Using the same flooring in the kitchen as the other rooms in your home help streamline so the spaces flow into each other and appear larger. A galley-style kitchen is the most efficient use of space. A built-in microwave, or an under the cabinet microwave frees up valuable work space. Roll out shelves double usable space and can be fitted to fill awkward corners. A built-in rubbish bin saves floor space, It can also be easier to disguise and more hygienic. Store baking pans inside your oven. Why take up cabinet space with roasting pans, cake tins and loaf tins when you can store them in the oven? Hang pans from a rack suspended from the ceiling. If your kitchen has a window sill, use it. Hang a wire mesh basket from the ceiling to hold fruit and vegetables.  If you want a table in your kitchen but you are really short on space, try a folding wall table. You can simply fold it away to create more space. Bench seating with concealed storage area is another great space-saving idea. Try renovating to create more space, could you knock through a wall to make more space into a pantry from the kitchen, for example? This is a popular enhancement that makes a lot of sense and opens up the larger room. Or throw caution to the wind and create open plan living, make sure you consult a specialist when it comes to knocking down walls though or you could end up with your neighbours joining you without an invitation!