Q. Having just agreed a sale on my apartment though my local estate agent, my agent has recommended a solicitor to process the transaction. Would I be wise to take their advice or do you think I should appoint my own independent solicitor?

A. Using a recommended solicitor is generally always a very good idea.  In my experience getting your property under offer is the easy part, its progressing the sale through to exchange and completion that tends to cause the difficulties! From the agents prospective if you are using their recommended solicitor it means that the agent has already built up a relationship with the solicitor. Therefore they are able to work together to resolve issues as, and when they present themselves. The agent can be very useful to the solicitor as they are of cause the only person that is able to speak to both the client and the buyer as well as the other sides solicitors, this can prove very useful when trying to resolve certain issues involving all four parties. On another note, local solicitors are usually more aware of certain issues affecting the sale/purchase of property in their particular area, which will obviously aid a troublesome transaction and assist in a smoother speedier exchange and completion.