First Time Buyers: Part 2

Last week we discovered how important it is to organise things before we start our hunt. This week we are looking at the next stage – starting to view. So we have are forearmed with our wish list, we have registered with all the agents and signed ourselves up to the property portals so what next? First of all really take the time to eliminate the rubbish. Yes you might see the perfect property on a set of details but if it doesn’t have the parking space that is non-negotiable then bin it. You don’t want to be wasting precious time on unsuitable property. Of course if there are properties with issues that are negotiable and you would compromise on them – of course go view them, who knows it might not tick all the boxes but it could be a winner and you won’t know that until you have viewed. Next, be honest on your viewings, don’t tell the agent you loved the place when actually you didn’t like it at all, when buying a property being brutally honest is the only way that the agent can start to build a picture of your needs, and ultimately find you the right property. Once you find something you really like arrange a second viewing and try to take along someone who has bought before to give you a second opinion, they will not see things through rose tinted glasses like you may be, they should give you a good honest opinion, and help you to look out for any troublesome spots. Visit the property at different times of day to see if there are any issue that may put you off that perhaps you wouldn’t see on a Saturday morning. Go during a weekday both day and evening too, there could be some hidden social club right next door or you may find that groups of youths tend to hang around on the corner of the street. You don’t want to wait until you move in to find out things that may spoil your living environment. Once you have seen enough properties to make a fair appraisal if you are definitely convinced that you have found the ‘one’ then it’s time to make a formal offer. Don’t rush into this, think about items in the property that you may want to include in the purchase price and make your offer to include such extras, the Vendor may not always agree but it’s always worth a try.  Make sure you know if there are any other offers on the table, your Estate Agent should be able to guide you with this, this will help you to make a suitable offer. Once accepted the estate agent will ask you for your solicitors details to prepare the sales memorandums. Again it’s important to use someone that’s recommended where possible as your solicitor will be the person driving the sale forward. It’s often useful if you use the estate agents recommended solicitor as this will guarantee regular feedback so the agent can manage the sale and liaise with all four parties to bring the sale to a successful conclusion. Buying your first property should be an exciting experience rather than a daunting one and by following a few simple guidelines it can prove to be an enjoyable experience rather than a stressful task.