Q. I am being posted overseas with my company and have decided to rent out my property whilst I am away. My agent wants to have a professional inventory carried out prior to the tenant’s occupation. Is this really necessary, surely I can do this myself and save the cost?

A. Inventories at first thought may seem simple but I am sure if you ask your agent to have a look at a professional sample you will think otherwise. Inventories not only itemise the furniture and fixings remaining at the property but they also record the condition of the property throughout. Of course its paramount that this is accurate as on vacation of the property a professional check-out is also carried out which records any damage which may possibly mean that some of the deposit be used to restore the property back to its original condition prior to a new tenant or of course yourself moving back in to the property. Inventory clerks also record meter readings on both the check-in and check-out which without question need to be carried out. With the cost being around £130.00 for an average two bedroom apartment I think that you would agree its worth doing for the peace of mind it will naturally bring. Its also worth noting that without an inventory, check-in and check-out the landlord cannot really deduct for damages, if he did and it went to court the courts would always rule in favour of the tenant.