Q. I want to update my property with a new kitchen and bathroom as well as some cosmetic stuff like new flooring and painting throughout. I plan to live here for a few more years but ultimately I want to refurbish with the re sale in mind. Can you give me a few basic guidelines of the kind of thing I should implement and those I should steer clear of?

A. Updating your property will always be a great investment for now and the long term. Predominantly you will live in the property for the next few years, so make it a home that can be enjoyed, not a show home that will look great when it comes to selling but give you no pleasure right now to live in. finding the balance between looking sharp and fresh and being comfortable is the key. Firstly consider the type of property you have and make sure the refurbishment is a sympathetic one that lends itself to the age of the property. If for instance you have a beautiful period house or conversion do put kitchens and bathrooms that are suitable for this type of property, remember that high ceilings and sash windows along with original fireplaces will gel far better with shaker style kitchens and Victorian roll top or fee standing baths all with today’s modern twist of course. And if you have a modern style riverside apartment keep it contemporary and minimalistic. Don’t put a rustic looking oak floor that should be in a warehouse style apartment or a period house into a modern apartment, this would be interior suicide. Just because a solid oak floor looks good in your friends county cottage doesn’t mean it’s going to look great in your modern apartment. Go for the sleeker walnut flooring that lends itself to sharp white walls and clean high gloss white furniture and low ‘L’ shaped sofa’s. When it comes to kitchens don’t be too wild with the colours either as kitchens and bathrooms sell properties. Go for a plain cabinet and If you want to go for a splash of colour do so with a great glass splashback in a colour of your choice, this is something that will give you joy whilst your living there but will be easily replaced by a prospective buyer in the future if it wasn’t their thing. Statement homes grace the cover of many interior specialist magazines but do remember that the vast majority like to ‘play it safe’ so feel free to go wild with furnishings and one feature wall but don’t go overboard, as this could potentially cut your market down in the future when it comes to selling. Overall the best advice is to keep it light, clean and white. Muted colours are best as it gives people the chance to put their own stamp on things, but never forget it’s a home first and an investment second, so don’t be shy to add a splash of purple if that’s what floats your boat, this can easily be whitewashed over later when the time comes if need be!