So, how was the first week back I hear you all ask? What’s going on in Canary Wharf? Is my property worth more money or less? Should I buy now or hold out for a few months? Should I rent or sell? Questions questions – the New Year always fills us with both anticipation and positivity, something that distinctively lacks on the wind down to Christmas.

Well I’m happy to report that although barely a week into our first working week of 2010 things are definitely looking very positive all round. Rental’s seem busy with a flurry of would be tenants already, and rents now seem to have stabilised at last, due to the stock levels subsiding because more people have now decided to sell. Void periods remain minimum and in general Landlords are still at least covering their costs. On the sales front, we have seen a good amount of new buyers already registering to buy and viewings are now back up to a reasonable level again. We have also seen a surprising amount of interest from sellers too. Sales Appraisals’ are high in demand right now having already been called out to numerous valuations this week, and I’m pleased to report that most have decided to place them on the market so we are already seeing fresh stock hit the market on a daily basis and this all in our first week back. Certainly a very positive start to the year across the board, so whatever you are doing – seems like there is no time like the present – hello 2010!