Home Front logoQ. With technology so freely available and everything continuing to move towards online rather than high street I’m wondering if it’s worth considering trying to sell my property myself rather than instructing an estate agent to do this on my behalf. The fees are rather high and every penny really does count. Do you think it’s possible to cut out the agent and do it myself successfully or am I being overly ambitious to take such a task on?

A. Marketing your own property for sales is perfectly within your capabilities but the question is, are you the best person to do this? An estate agent’s knowledge of the local area, the type of properties for sale within it and the potential demand will allow them to calculate your property’s value accurately. They will be able to substantiate why your home will sell, the type of buyers it might attract and how best to present and promote the property to that target market. An agent will already be in contact with a substantial number of potential buyers on their database, buyers who have listed their criteria with the agent and who are searching for property, ready to start viewing property for sale immediately. It is unlikely that you will be able to market your property like an estate agent can. Agents invest heavily in maximising the potential reach of their audience to give them, and you, the best possible chance of finding the right buyer for your property at the best possible sale price. Your property is likely to be advertised through a number of channels, on the Internet, via their own websites and major property portals, at their local branch, through the post, as well as in local or national newspapers and magazines. In short, estate agents have the capacity to make sure your property is seen by the right buyers, wherever they might be. Your agent will liaise between the potential buyers and you to arrange viewings of your property. They will also be present at the viewing to sell your home to the interested parties, as well as being on hand to answer questions that may arise. After a viewing has taken place, the agent should contact you with an update of how the viewing went and provide you with feedback. A particular advantage of using an agent is that you won’t have to negotiate directly with the buyers, which may cause embarrassment and awkwardness and may weaken your bargaining position. The agent will be well equipped to manage the negotiation on your behalf and will make sure you get the best price possible. Should any difficulties or problems arise throughout the selling process the estate agent will provide you with advice on the best course of action and guidance to overcome any obstacles that may be delaying the sale of your property. An efficient agent will regularly check the property chain with the solicitors, to make sure everything is running smoothly to ensure a successful exchange and completion.