Q. I have just inherited a large sum of money and would love to invest in a second property. However, I really don’t have the time to spend on looking after a project like this, I know that agents offer various services to assist, what would you recommend?

A. Investing in property is definitely a good idea especially if its long term as capital appreciation will obviously fair handsomely particularly in an area like this. Not having the time is not a problem at all. Speak to your local agents and find someone that you feel you can trust, and more importantly is in tune with what you are looking for, they will be able to in the first instance search out the right property that is suitable for long term investment. It is sometimes possible to purchase a property with a tenant already in occupation that perhaps another landlord is selling on, obviously that would work very well in your situation. Failing that, on completion hand over the keys to the agents lettings team (check that they are ARLA registered) and take their full management service which will mean apart from signing a few documents and taking the odd phone call the agent will manage the property fully on your behalf. Then sit back, relax and watch your money grow.