So after yet another week of doom and gloom blazoned across our screens and news papers damning the property market and drawing our attention to the credit crunch and a possible recession yet again, realistically how are things in the Canary Wharf property market? Without question times are tough right now, and it’s been a particularly bitter pill to swallow following the aftermath of last year when virtually anyone could sell anything at any price. The reality of today’s market is that people still need to buy and sell, admittedly there are many people that can afford to wait and in some cases that could be the best option. For the majority that need to sell and buy in this market however it’s a case of having a chat with the people on the front line in agency to get some realistic advice, especially with respect to pricing. For sellers, if you are also buying in this market it should not make much difference at all as whatever you lose on the sale you will definitely gain on the purchase. With regards to chain free buyers, it’s like a candy store out here right now – lots of choice with competitive prices to boot. Rentals in the area are stronger than ever with most offices reporting that lettings are up 50% on this time last year, which is usually the case when the sales market slows down.