One of the most exciting things about purchasing a property is the sheer delight of making it your home. Putting your stamp on it, finally you have an opportunity to create a space that can be an extension of you and your personality. Interior design can transform the blankest of canvases into a magnificent abode.Start by choosing a colour palette for each room.

The high street is brimming with ideas and fabulous items to transform your space, no matter what your budget or style. Interior design is fashion for the home, so trends come and go with each season, so do remember to go for a look with longevity, that will still look great in a couple of years particularly when it comes to refurbishing a kitchen or a bathroom. These items can be expensive to replace so go for clean lines, and if like me you love a splash of colour then add this by accessorising with a feature wall, or a fabulous glass splash back in a kitchen, which can easily be replaced in a few years to update if need be.

Window dressings are a huge feature of any room being both great to look at but functional at the same time. The shift now is towards shutters, curtains and blinds are now being shelved to make way for these sleek window dressings. The beauty of shutters is that they look great in both modern and period properties and they are available in white as well as other colours and more or less any shade of wood you chose to compliment your décor.

Great flooring is a must whether you decide to opt for wood or stone, both are still equally fashionable, with carpet becoming less and less popular. Lighting is not to be under estimated either, dimmer switches and lamps can add ambience to a room and change the mood up or down at the flick of a switch. Furniture should be chosen carefully, one statement piece is best with complimentary items thrown in to show it off to its best.

Take your time to collect art and mirrors for the walls, don’t rush out and grab the first thing you find, really think about the look you are trying to create and wait until you find the perfect piece. If you have no idea how to pull together a look for your new home hire an interior designer to create something wonderful and unique for you, if your budget doesn’t allow such an extravagance then try speaking to friends that have a natural flare for making their homes beautiful to get ideas, or try stocking up on the numerous interior magazines that are available, these are bursting with ideas and new looks month after month.