Q. We have just bought our dream house and thinking about knocking the wall down between the kitchen and the reception to open it all up and make it open plan. Our only consideration is do you think there are any downsides to this type of refurbishment? Will it make it harder or easier to sell when it’s time to move on in a few years?

A. Open plan living is a trend that is here to stay but, but before embarking on any renovations, you should carefully consider if it is desirable for your lifestyle and home and the impact it could possibly have on a future resale.  Whilst a small flat could benefit greatly from a feeling of spaciousness, a detached house with a large family will clearly need more than one communal area. Whatever you decide, you’ll want to ensure your space is designed as efficiently as possible to maximise impact and increase your property value.

Before knocking down walls to create an open plan living space, make sure you speak to a your local planning officer or chartered surveyor to check the wall is not load bearing and find out if planning permission is required. You will also need to take into consideration things like ventilation and storage. Removing walls could potentially mean less storage space; therefore careful design is needed to hide clutter.

As a kitchen is included in your space, an efficient extractor fan will avoid cooking smells drifting through the rest of the house. Once the work is completed decorating with neutral colours retains a sense of openness, whilst areas can be defined through careful use of accessories and good lighting. Having an open plan or closed off kitchen installed really does come down to personal choice; you can guarantee that some potential future buyers may share your opinion and love the openness of an open plan kitchen whereas others may prefer a closed kitchen. It really is a case of ‘horses for course’.

All in all whatever you decide just make sure it’s to the highest standard that you find affordable, as a smart well finished job will always count for more in most buyers books rather something rushed and not thought through properly.