Q. I am selling a property for the first time so a little unsure as to the best way to conduct viewings. Do you think its best to leave keys with my agent or is it better if I’m present, I’m thinking it would be good to be there in case of any questions the buyers might have?

A. This is a very good question and one that I am pleased to have the opportunity to answer.  Definitely, 100% without question it would be better if you left keys with the agent and let them handle the viewings for you. Buyers are far more relaxed when the Vendor is not around. Buying a property is the single most amount of money anyone is likely to spend in one transaction, therefore the more time that can be spent, with the least amount of pressure is the best way for any potential buyer to view property. Having been an agent for the last 10 years I always find that when the Vendor is out the buyer feels free to open cupboards and wardrobes and spends more time wondering around with no inhibitions freely making comments on the likes and dislikes of the property, and is more likely to discuss offers etc. Whereas when the Vendor is around they feel slightly uncomfortable so tend to whizz round very quickly and rarely express what they really think about the property. Finally, if youre paying an agent a fee to sell the property for you then it’s probably a good idea to leave the viewings to them, after all they are the experts!