Q. I’m a currently renting and have decided its time to stop throwing my money away and buy as the market seems to have stabilised a little. I have actually seen 2 properties that I love but really confused as to which one I should buy? They are both on the river on secured developments, yet they both have different things to offer in respect of location and space etc, one has a huge terrace but is further away from canary wharf, the other has a smaller balcony but only a 5 minute walk from the wharf?

A. Hmm yes, decisions decisions!  On the face of it they both seem pretty similar don’t they? In this situation its best to think outside the box and look at the bigger picture. What do you plan to do in say 5 years time? Are you going to perhaps sell it and trade up or maybe rent it out because you’re relocating overseas? When it comes to space that would really be something beneficial to you for comfortableness of living right now; however the smaller unit that’s 5 minutes away from the station as long as it has 2 good size double rooms’ river views and parking, is likely to be more popular both on the resale market and the rentals market too. The T.V. show location location location, is called that for a reason. You will also find that buyers are almost always prepared to pay a little more for that perfect property in the perfect location. It’s surprising how many fabulous properties hit the market that sit around for ages simply because the location is not that great, they always sell/rent in the end of course, but generally take a little longer than their better located competition. At the end of the day it comes down to personal choice as this will be your home for a number of years but it’s definitely worth considering the other factors above too, at least then you can have no regrets whatever you decide.