Q. As an investor with several properties in West London, I am constantly looking for great new areas to invest in and wondering if you could give me some advice on areas worth considering that have great transport connections?

A. As a Landlord it’s important to buy property in the right location, yes you have heard it all before I know, Location, Location, Location – but yes it absolutely always is the one single element that tenants across the board focus on. With commutes to work being the bain of most people’s lives these days, finding somewhere to live that’s a few minute’s walk to a tube is paramount. The Jubilee line has single handily transformed many areas from ghost towns into thriving viable places to live. Take Canary Wharf for instance, I have been around these parts long enough to remember that at one stage there was one bus that went on and off ‘The Island’ as it was known as back in the day. The nearest tube station back then was Mile End, hence the area being a place no one wanted to live in and unless you had a car you were literally isolated on what was almost a desert island. The DLR did huge things to transform the transport links around these parts but the arrival of the Jubilee Line in late 1999 saw the area completely transform with developers buying up prime riverside sites in their drones and the Banking Sector deciding to relocate their old offices in the city to shiny new skyscrapers dominating the wharf skyline. Investors have seen the value of this area for some time now given most luxury riverside developments are located a few minutes walk to the Jubilee line connecting people into London Bridge, Waterloo, Mayfair, and Bond Street within minutes. If you’re not looking to blow the budget then have a look at Canada Water, only one stop away but slightly cheaper and still just as popular with those without a banker’s salary that are looking for a riverside location. Bermondsey Street close to London Bridge has seen its popularity rising through the roof recently with many eclectic restaurants and bars newly opening so certainly another area along the line that is worth considering as its still rather up and coming so you could still see some decent capital growth in your investment as its still yet to realise its full potential.