Home Front logoThis week I want to reach out to all you would be sellers that have been procrastinating over the last few months with respect to whether or not to sell your properties! You are likely to have heard the news in the media that once again the property marketing is booming and I can confirm that indeed it is literally on fire. Not since the glory days of 2007 have I seen such a buoyant feisty property market. The buzz is back and its all systems go. Finally we are seeing the return of the good old days when a property hits the market and is under offer within a week and in some cases a day. So if you have been thinking about it then think no more. House prices in Canary Wharf are at their highest ever so if you want to take advantage of this current surge I would advise you to put your property on the market as soon as possible. It is 100% a seller’s market with buyers having no control when it comes to making offers, the ball is firmly in the sellers hands. Of course me being me I always give you the good news but at the same time I need to also issue with a caution, and the message is loud and clear – DO NOT BE GREEDY! Most of you will find that your properties will be worth a good deal more than just a mere few months ago and certainly worth a lot more than a year or two ago so when you get a good offer please consider it carefully. Lots of properties are going to a sealed bids situation at the moment only to find that a week or two later that the buyer pulls out as he realises he is paying way too much for the property, so my advice is if you have a perfectly good buyer that’s willing to pay the asking price (which btw will be exceeding all expectations) then accept it. Otherwise all you will do is aggravate everyone so you end up with no buyer, which would be absolutely ludicrous in this market.