I have good news to report this week. It appears that things are finally starting to return to what was once considered ‘normal’. The last couple of weeks have seen   buyers back out in force. We are seeing a good mixture of applicants right now ranging from cash overseas buyers to teams of first time buyers as well as those that are trading up. Seems that most buyers have spent the last year sitting back and saving up that much needed deposit that is able to secure them an attractive mortgage deal. Most lenders are now lending again but looking at a minimum 10% deposit and certainly I’m finding the majority of buyers have at least 20-25% deposit to put down. We have seen the return of multiple offers resulting in bidding wars on more than one occasion just in this last week. Gazumping has also reared its ugly head again and although not ideal it does of course help to push the prices up and is a clear indication that the demand for property has once again returned. There also seems to be urgency amongst buyers to secure something now rather than the relaxed attitude we have seen over the last year or so. Prices still remain static and I’m sure they will for sometime yet, but with demand beginning to outstrip supply once again it seems that things are definitely on the up. Once again there is a buzz of excitement amongst agents as the phones have started to ring again and deals are being tied up, yes it certainly seems that maybe just maybe we have turned a corner?