When purchasing a property and sourcing a solicitor I cannot even begin to share how important it is that you find one that is local to the area that you are buying in. Different regions, cities and areas experience a range of challenges when it comes to conveyancing. Personally I have found that a solicitor that is operating in a particular area is far more experienced on the unique challenges that tend to crop up when they are working on a file. Canary Wharf just as an example has several issues that can present themselves as a file starts to progress. Land contamination for instance is something that flags up regularly given there used to be a Lead factory located in the heart of the isle before the developments began. Of course being virtually surrounded by the River Thames we are also naturally on the flood path, this too can throw a complete spanner in the works if your solicitor is not used to dealing with a situation such as this.  Chancel repair liability is also another common issue around here, where people own property within land that was once part of a rectory or glebe, they may have wittingly or unwittingly acquired a responsibility to fund repairs to the chancel of the medieval-founded Church of England parish church or Church in Wales’s church which that glebe land supported. This can still be invoked by the church council of some parishes. Using a solicitor in Leicester may be saving you a dime but at what price? Usually I find that it just slows down the whole process and often buyers can become overly concerned over something that is a common occurrence for that particular area and a solution is actually quite simple. Naturally and especially when you are purchasing or selling a property we are all looking to keep costs down as much as possible give all the expenses that are involved in buying or selling, what with the purchase price itself as well as stamp duty, legal fees and Broker fees too it can prove to be a very pricey experience indeed. However, seeking a cheap solicitor is never the answer, speak to your agent, they usually have a least a couple that they work with that are competitive and most importantly they will get the job done.