Q.  I have some inheritance money that I would like to use to invest into property and I need some guidance. Do you think I should go for a really nice one bedroom or a cheaper two bedroom? I am keen to ensure I invest in something that will be rented with little void periods so in need of some good solid advice on the right type of investment, can you help?

A. Investing in property, particularly for the first time can be a mine field if you don’t do your homework properly and just get over excited about the prospect of becoming a landlord. Personally I don’t think it makes any difference whether you decide to opt for a one or a two bedroom as there is a very good market for both. I think the aspect you need to pay most attention to is location. Location is paramount as this can make or break your investment. A property that is located close to transport and amenities will always have the edge over something that is a twenty minutes’ walk from the station. Rents are expensive and tenants expect a lot back for the amount of rent they pay, amenities are also essential too. Also, avoid ground floor apartments where possible as tenants seem to be hesitant to even view a ground floor apartment rather preferring something on a higher floor and this is still the case even on a gated development, tenants seem to have unnecessary concerns over safety with this type of property so you will definitely narrow down your audience and it could take some time to let. Finally if you do decide to opt for a two bedroom do make sure it has a parking space included in the price. Tenants requiring a one bedroom almost expect it not to have a parking space whereas a two bed is the complete opposite and tenants do normally require a space. All in all I think it boils down to common sense and a basic test is to ask yourself if you would live in the property yourself. Would the location be favourable could you feel safe and at home there If the answer is no then move on because if you wouldn’t want to live there then the chances are no one else will.