Home Front logoIt’s my final column of 2013 and all I can say is what a year that was! The first quarter started off pretty average and things were ok but nothing to get too excited about just ticking along if you will. But as we headed in to the second quarter things started to pick up and there was a nice little undercurrent of a buzz starting to hum around Canary Wharf. And then in July/August BOOM yes I did say BOOM because actually flourishing, thriving and explosive would be the only fair way to describe what has happened to the sales property market since then. With the introduction of the Help to Buy Scheme, Lenders offering great mortgage deals on fixed rates buyers have once again regained their confidence in the property market which has resulted in demand out stripping supply, which of course has pushed prices through the roof. Not great from the buyers perspective but certainly fabulous for sellers that overnight have made as much as an extra 10 or 20% in some cases for their property. As an agent it has been a welcome sight to have multiple offers on one property with asking price or above being achieved easily. To see such confidence back in our market has given all of us a real boost and helped to dust of the last of our flashbacks to the bad old days throughout 2008/2009 when we really struggled to see the market picking up again anytime soon. I personally have always believed in Canary Wharf as an area and as long as you are in it for the long term I don’t believe you will ever do anything but make money as long as you buy well. Of course whilst sales have been booming sadly rentals have taken a slide, that natural see-saw that we have in our property market when one is doing great the other will suffer. So if you have something to rent in this market be realistic with the price and get someone in for now, you can always agree a six month contract and then re let at a higher price when rentals pick up. Happy Holidays everyone and I wish you all a very prosperous New Year.