Home Front logoHappy New Year everyone and hello 2014. So we start the New Year full of optimism and excitement of great things to come. On the back of last year I think it would be only fair to feel good about this brand new year, December was still pretty buoyant despite usually being one of the quietest months of the year and on the back of the raging sales market that remained steady during the last quarter I feel really confident that we will see this continue on into our New Year. Confidence is now 100% back and with a fresh New Year ahead there will be plenty of new buyers hitting the market clutching their agreement in principles with a promise of a mortgage in the next few months. I think January will start off strong with a decent amount of new instructions hitting the market with sellers hoping to cash in on this current surge on prices and realising their capital investment in their homes and I’m sure we will also see lots of new applicants registering their interest in both new and resale homes on the market for sale too. With demand outstripping supply last year I’m sure this will see prices still bullish and a continuation of several buyers being interested in one property resulting in asking price or more continuing to be achieved. I think we should be excited and optimistic about our property market especially as we enter into a brand new year but I also think it’s important to be a realist to. Keeping it real will keep your feet on the ground because the property market can often be fraught so take a moment to think things through carefully, sellers – don’t become too greedy, take careful advice on pricing from your agent, remember he is keen to achieve the best price but is also knowledgeable enough to know what’s realistic and what’s not. Buyers stick to your budget, remember you do need to live too and with this type of climate it’s easy to forget that and get yourself in deeper than you should financially. Hold on for the ride if you will 2014 is going to be a great year!