So it’s that time of the year again when everyone is winding down for Christmas and reminiscing about the year gone by 2007 has been a fantastic year here in the Canary Wharf, having had a very prosperous year across the board though out the property world. We have certainly witnessed some amazing figures being achieved on the many sought after developments in and around the ‘wharf’ with many happy vendors cashing in on their serious capital growth. We have also seen the uncertainty that the northern rock drama and the hike in interest rates has bought to the market. Although for a month or so there seemed to be some nervousness around, particularly amongst buyers this was quickly buried and things seemed to get back on track although prices have since remained static.

So what can we expect for 2008? I believe last weeks announcement from the bank of England regarding the down turn in interest rates is a good indication of things to come in the New Year. I believe that we will continue to see the rates fall and as a result of that the property market will continue to go from strength to strength in 2008.

Happy New Year everyone!