Q. I’ve just placed my property on the market for sale and in a bit of a quandary, I personally feel that I would be better to carry out the viewings but my Agent seems to think that its best left to them being the experts. My argument is that it’s my home and I’m more likely to be able to highlight all the selling points of the property. Who in your opinion do you think is the best person to carry out the viewings?

A. Very good question and one I’m sure will drawer mixed opinions. However, the answer is crystal clear; if you require the most successful outcome it has to be the Agent! Being the owner of a property is something most of us aspire too and some because of the current state of the property market can only dream of, so when we do actually manage to acquire that much wanted asset it’s only natural that one would become emotionally attached to the property and feel that we know best when it comes to getting the most out of a viewing. I always ask my vendors to put themselves in any prospective buyers shoes and think about two different scenarios A. Viewing with the Vendor around or B. Viewing with the agent in a vacant property, it’s not rocket science to expect that most buyers feel far more comfortable viewing a property without the owner present at least on the initial viewing. Viewers need to take their time, wondering around feeling free to open cupboards and even voice their opinion on certain aspects of the property good or bad. With the Vendor around most viewers feel uncomfortable doing any of the above, in fact in my experience they whizz in and whizz straight out again in most cases as they simply feel uncomfortable and restricted being followed around by the seller. Second viewings are different and often both parties are keen to meet each other to discuss any questions they might have about the property itself and timescales, neighbours and the like, this I would encourage as often meeting can reassure each party of the others commitment and iron out any worries. Remember that you are paying your Agent a fee to sell your property; they are the experts and try to remember that they have your best interests as their client at heart and want to sell the property as much as you do, just ensure that you instruct an Agent that you feel is as enthusiastic about selling your property as you are.