Q. I am becoming increasing frustrated with Estate Agents as none of them seem to take my inquires seriously, I rarely get a call back and when I do speak to someone they seem disinterested most of the time. What I can I do to get them to take me seriously, I really am keen to buy my first property, are you able to give me any advice?

A. I am sorry that you are experiencing such problems. Unfortunately there are Agents out there that fail to register how important their enquiries are, failing to acknowledge that every call is a potential buyer. Certainly many Agents automatically switch off if they are not hearing what they want to hear at the other end of the phone and repeatedly unreasonably dismiss many buyers as time wasters or window shoppers. This is mainly because as Agents we do get an awful lot of enquiries that certainly do fall into that category, however for the most part we receive mainly genuine calls that need to be taken seriously and indeed nurtured as this will result in a purchase if the Agent works with the potential buyer to discover what it is he is looking for. For your part if you are serious about buying a property then make sure that you act like you are and do your homework. One of the first things an Agent will say to you when registering your interest is “How much have you got to spend?” – a simple question but you would be surprised how many people that register have no idea as they have not even spoke to a financial Advisor to find this out! Or – on the other hand applicants can say something like “I have no budget” this again is not an ideal response as to help you in your search we need to know your basic requirements and of course your budget would be high on that list. An Agent needs to be able to discover who you are and build a picture in his head of where you would be most happy living. If you don’t like noise, tell him, if you hate open plan kitchens tell him, if you love natural light let him know. I think it’s most helpful if all potential buyers compile a top ten wish list of the most important factors for purchasing their ideal property, this will eliminate frustration on both sides as the Agent will then only show you property that fits your criteria and will be acutely aware of your likes/dislikes, you in return will also feel better served as you will only be called out to view properties that fit your requirements. Even with a wish list in place bear in mind that you will need to make compromises somewhere along the line as its virtually impossible to tick all those boxes but we certainly strive to find you something with as many as we can. And do remember that if you are not receiving the service you should despite being prepared, then move on to an Agent that is willing to spend time with you, after all finding and trusting an Agent is the first step to securing your perfect property, it is the single most expensive purchase most of us will ever make in our lifetime and your entitled to work with someone who respects that to help you find it.