Q. My tenant has not paid his rent for the last 3 months despite my urgent requests to clear the arrears. I am relatively new to the world of property investment and completely unsure what to do next. How does the law stand on this situation and what legally can I do?

A. Non payment of rent is obviously a stressful issue for any landlord. The law requires the tenant to be at least 2 months in arrears before any type of legal proceedings can begin. First course of action is usually in the form of a solicitor’s letter to the tenant giving them 2 weeks to clear the arrears. If the tenant fails to comply, formal legal proceedings can then begin; this can take anything up to 2 months to get to court. The judge will then order the tenants eviction along with the payment of not only the arrears but also the court costs. If the tenant still refuses to comply the last resort is for the court to send in the bailiffs to regain possession on behalf of the landlord. Of course every case is different and should be looked at individually, therefore I would strongly suggest you speak to your solicitor who will provide you with the correct legal advice on your particular situation.