Q. I am just about to exchange contracts on the apartment I am buying; however my solicitor says that although the lease plan is showing it has 2 parking spaces and the freehold title as registered at the land registry refers to two parking spaces, unfortunately, the lease refers to there being just one space. Where does this leave me and will these cause problems later on?

A. I appreciate your concern, however if the lease plan is clearly showing it has 2 spaces along with the title, then most solicitors would advise you to take a view on. It certainly won’t be a problem in respect of the purchase although your solicitor may highlight that when you come to sell it could cause a delay. On the face of it, the lease needs to be corrected to show the true position; the usual solution for further clarification in this situation is a simple deed of Rectification. This can however take some time as the freeholder will need to instruct solicitors to draft the deed, to save further delays on the purchase I’m sure if you proceed with exchange and completion now and obtain the deed after the vendor would be willing to contribute towards the cost of obtaining this, check with your solicitor though as he may advise that this is obtained prior to completion.